We are a results-driven marketing agency. Simply put, our marketing efforts make you money or we don't get paid.

I started Simply Ad Growth with the goal of making a plug and play experience to grow with social media. If you're looking to scale, I've created a system that helps you establish a brand online and turn social media into a scalable revenue stream. Having gone through a high-growth startup myself, I focus on the metrics that truly matter: 1. Revenue 2. Profitability and 3. Retention. My name is Angel and while attending Y-Combinator, I grew my business from zero to six figures in months using social media. Now that company is doing 7 figures in revenue yearly. At Simply Ad Growth we obsess over paid and organic social media marketing, SEO and lead generation funnels that help startup founders scale profitably.


We are a results-driven agency which means we don't get paid unless you do. Using paid social media ads, SEO and email marketing we make scaling revenue and profitability simple for online businesses.